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Sunday, May 10, 2009


Please click here and shower 
with your love & comfort!

is resting in Jesus arms

"Rest in peace our sweet Angel!
We love you so very much! "

Kayleigh Anne Freeman
 (June 23, 2008 - May 11, 2009 @ 9:44PM)

Please go to

Here's just one part of many beautiful posts that they share from their hearts:

"...What keeps us going? Our faith. I have only been really close to God for a few years & I can't imagine how I would have handled this before then. Knowing that Kayleigh is going to a better place where we will all meet again gives us strength. Knowing that God gave me the most amazing husband in the world to pick me up when I am down, hold me, love me, & wipe away my tears.

Knowing that even though there will be many tough days for us & the kids, they will help us get through it. They actually made us laugh a few times tonight. If it weren't for them being home with us we both would have just closed up & stayed miserable & depressed. They will bring us joy & remind us everyday of the good things in life. Knowing that we have an unbelievable support system is indescribable. Thank you to all of you. Adam & I could NEVER express what you have done for us spiritually, financially, & emotionally. There are many days that we felt like we couldn't have made it without all of you.

I do not know what the next few days or weeks will bring for us. I am afraid. I am nervous every time my phone rings right now. Please continue to pray for us & have your friends & family pray for us. Your prayers have worked miracles in the past & I know they can do it again. We love you all & we feel terrible that you are hurting as well. Please know that we will all take care of each other & we will all get through this together. We may not "know" each other in the normal sense of the word but we will certainly all meet again one day. When you all meet Kayleigh she will look more amazing than she ever has. She won't have any pain, will be whole, & will welcome us all with open arms. How glorious will that be? "

With Love,


...followed by the MOST BEAUTIFUL PRAYER & VIDEO of Kayleigh Anne to
"I'll Praise You in the Storm"
to READ MORE click here

I posted this rather than the actual  Kayleigh's Video but you can go see her here born at one pound one ounce, Kayleigh is such a beautiful miracle and I love this song that was chosen by Janelle, "Amazing" which truly fits her precious birth June 23, 2008 and this LIFE of Kayleigh... part of the lyrics follow:

You're so amazing the beauty you are
You came blazing right into my heart
You're so amazing you are...You are

You came from heaven shining
Breath of God still flows from fresh on you
The beating heart inside me

HOW CAN WE NOT JOIN THEM & OTHERS IN PRAYER FOR THIS LITTLE MIRACLE? The Freeman Family have been through so much for this past year, let's show our love with prayers & support!

: Keep clicking play til you get it even when it shows the message.

You can post a prayer here even if it is not for Kayleigh. Prayers or prayer requests can be posted on any post!


Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, I come to You on behalf of precious Kayleigh. I lift her up before Your throne, I ask for Your healing upon her life, and Your amazing anointing. You are her Creator, and her Father. Please bring much care and comfort to Kayleighs parents. Pour blessings of healing all over this dear baby. I love You Father. Amen

Peggy said...

Dear Heavenly Father, I have to be honest...many of these desperate, urgent needs for prayer absolutely
leave me in tears and I have no idea how to pray through my sobs & so I wait. Today, I had hopes that
at church, I would come home strengthened & afresh & able to pray for Kayleigh and her precious
loving parents & family. Then I look at Kayleigh's video, and I'm in tears all over again. But the Spirit has been praying through me as I lay my hands on that poor, fragile baby that has been such a miracle in all she has survived & this beautiful family has endured so much since last June. You have given them miracle and time with Kayleigh but we ask for an even greater MIRACLE as this situation worsens. If I, a stranger, am weak and can't think straight to write a sound much more these parents, this family. Their love is overwhelming. The people in the internet that have joined in their journey is numerous but I only pray that they are earnestly seeking You. You are the Miracle Healer!

All things are possible with You!
Nothing is too difficult! You are their sufficiency. may the Freeman family lean on You! May You surround them with Your love, peace, comfort. Take away the heaviness and even the pain of this little one & them. Carry them!

Carry them on eagle's wings. The wings of healing! Thank You for every moment & each comfort that they can receive from You and pass on to Kayleigh. When they are weak, and I'm sure that they are, You are strong! Be their everlasting strength. Dry their many tears & give them a deep down inner peace.

Their words today seem like they are just hanging on. They want to bring Kayleigh home. If at all possible, let that happen. We thank You Lord that Kayleigh is Your child and You love her as much as You love each one in her family.
Keep them from feeling anger or blaming or any bitterness instead keep them flowing in Your peace & calmness, trusting & filled with HOPE in Jesus. This past year must seem like a nightmare with continual miracles interspersed.
may they hold on to the glory of each hurdle & miracle that Kayleigh overcame. We give You the glory & thank You for each miracle & victory. Kayleigh is an overcomer &
once more we ask for Your Power to heal in Jesus Name. That Your will be done. We love You Father & we cannot understand the suffering of Your little ones; not one! pour out Your Spirit & cover Kayleigh & the Freeman family with Your aMazing Grace, Love & Your glory
shines on them & through them in the name of Jesus & in the power of His blood, we pray...

godsown said...

Amen to the prayers father. We love you ,adore you and praise you amids everything what omes our way. We don't have the answers but we know you have all in your hands...You are the beginning and the end You where there when the kids are formed in the womb and you are with them when they try to life on this earth and you are with them when they ome bak in heaven.
You give there life our life purpose.Thank you for that.
Thank you father that we an send prayers up to you and reeive the peae and strenght for any situation.
This i pray to you in Jesus name Amen

Amydeanne said...

Please pray for my good friend.

She had a miscarriage today. This hits me really hard because I lost my first baby today (1997).

I’m praying for God to cover her with her love and mercy and peace. While we don’t understand the reasoning behind these things we know God has a bigger plan. Please pray for healing in her body, and the strength to move forward.

Please join me and lift her up in prayer. Thanks.

Psalm 34:18
The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, please be close to Amys friend today. Her precious baby is in Your hands now. Please comfort her as only You can, and love on her sweetly Father. Help to heal her broken heart. Also, please be with Amy as she remembers her precious baby today Father. We love You. Amen

Peggy said...

Jesus is our Burden Bearer!

May He be with each person who needs Jesus to bear their burden:
Amydeanne & her friend,
Marsha, Michelle, their mom, their step dad, Marsha's husband & daughter,
Denise's sister Vicky & Sandy her niece,
Colleen & her family, especially her mom for the loss of dear dad,
Denise's friend Vicki & her husband,
Denise's friend Tom & his mom,
Beth & her friends & adult children,
Kayeleigh & the many babies & children and their families,
the list seems to grow by the hour,

"Jesus, I embrace You as our Burden Bearer. I named each person with a burden one by one up above and I release them into Your care. I thank You that You daily bear our burdens. I thank You that Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light.

I am so used to working things out on my own that I need Your help so I can depend on You more. I am sorry for all the times I have tried to bear my own burdens-not leaning on You.

Lord each of these people need Your peace that surpasses all understanding, so according to Your Word may each one open their heart and receive it from You as You pour Your love & peace & comfort on them. I lift each one to You LORD yet You already know their need! Be with each one and give them a greater portion poured out from the Holy Comforter & Healer! With wings of healing may You cover each one of them, their pain, their grief, their illness, their need. I trust You & ask for a sweet assurance surround & guard their hearts, minds and beings.

I cast their cares on You, and I am grateful that this peace will guard their hearts and minds. There is none like You! You are more than enough. Thank You Jesus for being a Burden Bearer! Blessed be Your holy Name."

Denise said...

Prayer Request From Pam at life by the creek: I've discovered that my friend leaves for Chicago tomorrow for scans. Cancer scans. It's active; she already knows that. The doctors are just assessing what it's doing and whether it's trying to increase it's unwelcome presence in her body. She's busy packing; as she told me in an email, too often she's packed for 4 days and ended up being there for 40. But she knows that, even though she isn't taking anyone with her, she IS taking The One with her. She is not alone, and He is in control. Still... would you please lift Sue up in prayer? If you read this tonight, pray for good rest for her. If you read it tomorrow, please keep her bathed in prayer during the time she is in Chicago. I know she'd love some comments on her blog (she has a wonderful, dry sense of humor; go ahead... make her laugh!). If she isn't able to update her Caringbridge site, I'll call her and update here. Meanwhile, I'll be waiting in the "virtual waiting room" for good news. And it WILL be good news, no matter what. God is not surprised by whatever the doctors find. And Sue will bring Him the glory as she faces this mountain. Whether a door simply opens and she is able to walk through it to get back home, or whether the path that has been chosen leads through much harder terrain, she will always hold her Father's hand as He leads. I love you, my friend--praying hard here in Georgia.

Denise said...

Update on Marshas family from her blog:Missy’s surgery went well. She’s resting comfortably this evening. If she continues to progress, she will be able to come home Tuesday evening sometime. She’s out of it right now, but Stacy said she’s doing good.

Mike goes back to work Tuesday. Please pray for his continued recovery and strength.

My Step Dad – I’ll be meeting with the doctor around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday. I’m fairly certain we will be starting hospice care. His blood pressure is extremely low. He’s very restless and in pain. Please continue to pray for him to pass on peacefully.

My Mom needs prayer as well. She’s on an emotional and physical roller coaster right now. Please pray for peace and strength for her. She’s 86, so you can imagine how taxing this is on her.

Denise said...

Urgent Prayer Request from Micheles blog: just received an urgent phone call from Marsha concerning her daughter Missy. As some of you know, Missy had a hysterectomy and bladder lift on Monday; it seems that the surgeon must have nicked her bladder and she has been leaking ever since. This means that the nick had most probably collapsed her bladder! Missy will need to go back into surgery for the surgeon to repair her bladder. Missy’s husband Stacy is beside himself because he is unable to take off from work to be at the hospital. If he does, he is told he will lose his health insurance! Marsha is distraught because her heart is in several different places at once. She feels guilty because she is unable to be with her daughter during her time of need, but Marsha is also certain she is where she is suppose to be right now; that being with our step father and mother as he passes to glory any day.

Please pray for Missy’s healing, peace, comfort, and mercy; along with the doctors to be able to repair her bladder completely with no more complications.

Pray for God’s peace and His tender loving arms to wrap around Marsha and our mother as they sit vigil in the hospital watching a dear loved one deteriorate and die before their eyes. There are some other immediate concerns that Marsha needs to address as well concerning Chris’s continued care and mom’s welfare. Please pray that the Lord will grant Marsha and our brother wisdom to acquire the right answers so mom and Chris will be taken care of properly.

Pray for or 86 year old mom, we are very concerned for her health as the strain of all this is having its toll her as well. Please pray that God will grant her peace, comfort, rest, grace, and mercy during this most difficult time in her life.

Pray for my sister’s husband, Michael who has been ill for over a month. Tests confirm that he has diverticulitis. The doctor also removed 8 polyps (small). And he has an ulcer in the small intestines. Pathology report should be in sometime this week. Again, Marsha is quite concerned and somewhat anxious because he has had to go through all this without her by his side.

Pray for me as I patiently wait here in Phoenix Arizona. My heart is heavy because I wish I could be with my family during their time of need. I will not be able to be with our mother until May 29th when we hopefully arrive to be with her for much of the summer.

When we endure the tests and trials of this life, without knowing as Job did, for example, we are left with only one thing in which to trust—God Himself. When life simply does not make sense, we must look to Him who is the Author and the Finisher of our faith, to Him who has a immense plan, a plan to reveal His glory and to accomplish that which is good for His children. We must trust in Him who is all-wise and who is also all powerful.

Thank you all for your continued prayers.

Denise said...

Prayer request from Linda at My friend Beth, who gave birth to a premature a few weeks ago just text with an urgent request. The hospital called and told them to rush to the hospital. The baby Christopher has pneumonia and an infection in his blood.

I know that she is very upset. She has been having to travel back and forth to see the baby. He is a hospital a couple hours away so she has only been going every other day due to expenses.

Christopher was born at 28 weeks. I know that he still has a long way to go. Anytime you get a call from the hospital while your child is in the NICU it is very disturbing. Her aunt & I were just discussing this matter this morning about no news is good news. When you don't hear anything while from the doctors when they are the NICU, your child is doing okay. When doctors start calling then it is time to be concerned.

Beth is close to my heart because when she lost her mother at the age of 7, my husband and I seriously considered adopting her. God had other plans for Beth and for us but we still love her very much and keep in touch.

Denise said...

Update from Marshas blog: Missy came out of her surgery fine. They did a little adjusting and feel the bladder will heal on it's on in a couple of days.

She is scheduled to come home on Wednesday with a catheter. Then in 2 days it will be removed and she will be checked.

Bless her heart! She's been through it! Missy and hospitals always spell trouble.

You are are my precious bloggy friends! Thank you for all the prayers you are lifting on my families, behalf.

As for me, I'm spending the night at the hospital tonight with my step dad. Not sure what's going on with him, but he's in a lot of pain and the meds aren't working.

I appreciate your continued prayers, my sisters.

Denise said...

Prayer Request from Graces blog at am calling the attention of my Prayer Warrior Sisters and Brothers in Christ (bloggers). I have a prayer request for tonight. My husband was brought to the hospital 3 o'clock this morning. He is in bad shape. I need you to please pray for his fast and sure recovery. May God's healing power be laid upon my husband and will be brought back home to us soon and whole.
May his recovery displays and testifies the glory and power of God's greatness! Praise God!

Denise said...

From my friend Tom today: Good morning my friend. My time is short this morning but I wanted to give you an update on my mother. The biopsy showed she definitely has secondary cancer in her lungs. Which according to the doctor means they believe it is originating from somewhere else. She is scheduled to go in for more scans and testing of her stomach and pelvic regions. Your continued prayers would be appreciated.

Denise said...

From Marshas blog today: Christian Andersen, beloved Step Father.

Absent from the body, present with the Lord at 7:15 a.m.

January 15, 1924 – May 6, 2009

His favorite verse:

“This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24

His favorite Hymn:

How Great Thou Art

His Last Words:

“I’m a blessed man.”

Denise said...

Beth has updated me about Christopher. The drs. say that he is taking the antibiotics well. The drs. believe that he will make it through this set back but that it will take time. Please continue to pray for the family.

Denise said...

Update from Graces blog: Her husband is home from the hospital, and doing well. Praise God.

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, I love You so very much. Please be with me as I join my church this weekend in a time of fasting and prayer. May we bring honor and glory to You Father. Amen

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Please pray for our church, that God's Will, is always first, not man's but His, for I know His will is perfect.

It's Time to Pray


PRAYER for Our Nation

This was shared in an email from the Presidential Prayer Team:

Declaration of Independence Signer

Samuel Chase
George Washington (1732-1799), 1st President of the United States

"Almighty God: We make our earnest prayer that Thou wilt keep the United States in Thy Holy protection; and Thou wilt incline the hearts of the Citizens to cultivate a spirit of subordination and obedience to Government; and to entertain a brotherly affection and love for one another and for their fellow Citizens of the United States at large, and particularly for their brethren who have served in the Field. And finally that Thou wilt most graciously be pleased to dispose us all to do justice, to love mercy, and to demean ourselves with that Charity, humility, and pacific temper of mind which were the Characteristics of the Divine Author of our blessed Religion, and without a humble imitation of whose example in these things we can never hope to be a happy nation. Grant our supplication we beseech Thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen." --

This prayer of George Washington appears in St. Paul's Chapel in New York City.

To read MORE go here with Presidential Prayer Team