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Friday, May 29, 2009


For more than 3 decades, Don Moen has moved me with his worship music & his original plan to lead others closer to Jesus. He's one of my favorites, maybe it's because he's from Minnesota.

Don (his official website) shares many stories from his great songs & much more.

This song was sung at my church when we inaugurated its new location & name. I was chosen to share a brief testimony during the music interlude with another sister in the Lord. I so enjoyed being a part of our choir & it was indeed a privilege to share how GOD MADE A WAY for me.

Here in his "Song Story" Don Moen shares:
(From the devotional book God Will Make A Way by Don Moen)

Late one evening, Don Moen received a phone call with devastating news: his wife’s sister had lost her oldest son in an automobile accident. Craig and Susan Phelps and their four sons were traveling through Texas on their way to Colorado when their van was struck broadside by an eighteen-wheeler truck. All four boys were thrown from the van.

Craig and Susan located their sons by their cries, one boy was lying in the ditch, another in an area wet from melted snow. Nearby was his brother who landed by a telephone pole. All were seriously injured, but when Craig, a medical doctor, reached Jeremy, he found him lying by a fence post with his neck broken. There was nothing Craig could do to revive him.

When Don received the news of this tragedy a few hours later, he recalls, My whole world came to a standstill, but I had to get on a plane the next morning and fly to a recording session that had been scheduled for several weeks. Although I knew Craig and Susan were hurting, I couldn’t be with them until the day before the funeral.

During the flight the morning after the accident, God gave me a song for them: God will make a way where there seems to be no way. He works in ways we cannot see. He will make a way for me. The song was based upon Isaiah 43:19 NASB Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth; will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, rivers in the desert.

This song would bring comfort to Craig and Susan when all hope seemed lost. It touched the hurt in their hearts with hope and encouragement. Don received a letter from Susan in which she quoted Isaiah 43:4 NASB: Since you are precious in My sight, since you are honored and I love you, I will give other men in your place and other peoples in exchange for your life.

Susan wrote, We’ve seen the truth of the scripture. When Jeremy’s friends learned that he had accepted Jesus into his life before he died, many of them began to ask their own parents how they could be assured of going to heaven when they died. The accident also prompted Craig and Susan into a deeper walk with the Lord as well as into new avenues of ministry. Craig began teaching Sunday school at their church and Susan became active in Women’s Aglow, sharing with various groups her story and the Lord’s provision in her time of sorrow.

She has since said, “The day of the accident, when I got out of the van, even before I knew our son was dead, I knew I had a choice. I could be bitter and angry or I could totally accept God and whatever He had for us. I had to make the decision fast. I’ve seen fruit come as a result of that choice. If I had to, I’d do it again. It’s worth knowing others will go to heaven because of what happened to Jeremy. God really did make a way for us!”

PRAY FOR "GOD TO MAKE A WAY" for you or someone who needs prayer today.


Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, I praise You for always making a way for us. Your mercies are new each morning, and they are so tender. I love You Father, and always will. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, I come to you tonight on behalf of my friend Sandy. Her sister in-law just had surgery for breast cancer, and they will be doing a scan on her this next week to see if the cancer has spread. Father, please heal her of this cancer, do not allow it to spread. Comfort Judy as only You can. Also give peace to her family as they wait for the results. I love You Father, and I know what You can, and will do. I also lift up my friend Leslie to You Father, her son is in california at college, and he is sick right now. Please heal him Father, ease his mother worries. I love You Father. Amen

Denise said...

Prayer Request from Denise at Samaritan Women: Most of you my friends will remember Sandy Jackson. She is the daughter of my sister......... She is as beautiful on the inside as she is the outside . She gave birth to a beautiful son 6 months ago now and during that birth they discovered she has a hole in her heart. They needed to wait till she recovered from the C section before doing another surgery. Well it has been long enough and Monday morning in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania she will have open heart surgery to repair that hole.
Kathy (my sister) flew to Pennsylvania this morning, headed to her daughter. The Doctors are all very reassuring that she will be just fine but I cannot even begin to imagine what is going through my sisters mind and what now is going through Sandy's mind as she has a beautiful son and daughter and a precious husband at home waiting.

Please pray for God to guide the hand of the surgeon and please pray that the Father God will hover over her like a hen hovers over her chicks........ Wings of the angels spread over that table where she lays with the protection of all that heaven has......... .. Matthew 23:37

Denise said...

From my friend Colleens blog tonight: With a heart broken into a million pieces, I am sharing with my dear Friends... My Precious Daddy died of a heart attack last eve. He was a GREAT MAN and will be missed. He was doing so well... this is a total shock to all of us... Pray for my Mother...He would have been 82 on May 7th..

much love,

Denise said...

Prayer Update from Marsha: My daughter Missy's hysterectomy is scheduled for 1:30 c.s.t today. We would all appreciate your prayers.

My Step Dad’s BP is extremely low, respiration is low, blood count and platelets also low. I went into the hospital this morning early to meet with the doctor and get him moved to a private room. My Mom and brother will be in shortly.

Hubby is recuperating at home today. Our son Adam is coming over to the house later today to do some chores around there and hang out with his Dad.

Thank you, dear friends for your prayers. He is being gracious to us all.

Denise said...

Update from Denise at samaratian women about her niece: Just heard from Kathy my sister. Sandy is out of surgery and the surgeon said it was a piece of cake! Everything went text book and the hole is closed and there is no heart damage as thought there might be. She will be in the hospital for about 5 days. Also they had told her originally that she most likely would not ever be able to have more children as to the stress on her heart but the surgeon said that if she does good for two years there is no reason she cannot have more children.


Denise said...

I praise You precious Father for all You do, and for all You are. I praise You for helping my sister Vickie feel better. I praise You for blessing my husband with overtime at his job, now we will be able to pay our bills. Thank You so very much for loving us, and for always watching out for us. I love You so very, very much Father. Amen

Angela said...

God will make a way where there seems to be no way. He works in ways we cannot see. He will make a way for me. Isaiah 43:19 NASB Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth; will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, rivers in the desert.

Father God, I praise You. I LOVE how You lead me here when I need to 'hear' Your voice, Your message for my heart. Through the prayers of the saints here, through a word that is spoken, through the music that is shared and MOST importantly and above ALL things, through Your Word. I praise You. I thank You that You WILL make a way in our lives.

Father, thank You for Your precious love. Thank You for Your lavish care upon our lives. Thank You for the new thing You are doing in my family's lives. Glory to You Lord...

Father, I lift up the prayer requests that are left here, written and unspoken. Heal these precious ones Lord and they will e healed. Save them Lord for all the attacks from the evil one and they will be saved, for You are the One we praise. Be gracious to them Lord, bless them and make Your face shine upon them right now and always. Do for them more than they could ever ask or imagine. Display Your power and glory upon them Father God, I pray this in Jesus Christ's Name, Your beloved Son, my Lord and Savior.

Denise said...

From Lauras blog at I met Reggie when he was in 9th grade as his Assistant Principal and have continued to watch him grow over the years. He is currently one of my Seniors that was looking forward to the end of his Senior year, Prom and all the festivities that surround those events.

Yesterday afternoon he was in a horrible car accident that has left him in the Shock Trauma Intensive Care Unit. He is currently on a ventilator, in a medically induced coma and has a severe brain injury.

I spoke his sweet Mom this morning who is by her little boys side and need I tell you that she is DEVASTATED. I can not imagine.

I am asking that each of you lift Reggie, his family and the medical professionals up in your prayers. Please keep our other students in your prayers as well. Reggie was a very popular and well liked young man, so I am sure the halls are filled with sadness today.

Thank you for your prayers...I will keep you posted.

Denise said...

Update on Reggie: ***5/7 UPDATE @ 4:07 ----Just got off the phone with Reggie's sweet Mommy & here is the latest on her baby boy's condition.

Left Lung is collapsed - she has just signed paperwork to have chest tube inserted
She has met with Neurosurgeon and learned that Reggie is in a coma on his own, not a medically induced coma.
They have inserted a feeding tube in his nose and he was very agitated when they did this and began kicking and moving his arm.
He is still on the ventilator
They do not know the extent of the brain injury and will not know for a while, the test just show many areas that are disconnected in the brain
He currently has alot of swelling and pressure in his brain and they have inserted a shunt to relieve the pressure when it reaches 20 ( not sure what that means, but maybe some of you do)
The Drs. have explained to her that it is a very slow process for the brain to heal and they can not really tell her how much damage has been done at this point. It sounds to me like they will know more in the days ahead.
Thank you all so much for your continued prayers and Reggie's Mom told me she can feel people praying for them and knows that is what has brought them this far. She is full of hope, determination and will do whatever she needs to do to help Reggie recover no matter how long it takes.

Please continue to lift this family up in your prayers. They are tired and weary and can use all of the uplifting we have to offer. Reggie's Mom actually logged onto my blog and is so thankful for all of you. If you would not mind leaving a comment on this post, she is reading them. I think it will bring a smile to her sweet face to know exactly how many of God's people are praying for her sweet boy. She asked that we specifically pray for:

the swelling to subside
the pressure to be relieved from Reggie's brain and not continue to reoccur
for Reggie to rest comfortably and be free of pain
for the medical professionals that are working with Reggie
for a complete and full recovery
for Reggie's left lung that is collapsed to be completely healed

sailorcross said...


I come before You this morning, before my day begins. I ask You to lead me through this day--guide and direct me. Keep my heart and my mind on You--always on You and not on the things of this world that try to pull me away and distract me.

I thank You, Lord, for Your blessings upon me and my family. I especially thank You for my daughter, Cara. Allow her to continue to seek Your face so that she may fully come to You.

Keep me from the darkness that may surround me and help me to follow Your guiding light.

I pray for all the requests listed here--that they be lifted to You and answered according to Your Will.

I need You so much in my life. Please hold me close and draw me nearer every day.

In Your Son's Name I pray,


Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, please surround my friend Beth with Your love and precious care. She loves You so very deeply, and lives her life for You. Show compassion to her, keep the darkness far away from her life, shelter her in Your mighty arms Father. I love You Father. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, please watch over my sweet friend Allison. She is in pain, her knee is hurting terribly. She is facing knee surgery, please give her relief from this pain. Comfort her as only You can Father. I love You. Amen

Denise said...

Update on my friend Toms mom: Hello my friend. Please excuse my absence lately. We have been dealing with a couple of family crisis situations. The worst is what my mother is going through.

She went back in on Monday for more testing and to get the results of some previous tests. I may have mentioned already she has cancer in her lungs, but they found it elsewhere. The latest tests were to determine the extent of it. But the bottom line is she has terminal inoperable cancer and they said she has anywhere from 6 months to 2 years left to live.

They want her to begin chemotherapy in an attempt to prolong her life but she is not sure she wants to do that. Both her sister and her brother died of cancer and especially in the case of her sister she watched her suffer. My mom doesn't want to go through that she said. So she may reject the chemo.

She is taking the news well, and although I know it frightens her she is in good spirits and trusting in the Lord through it all. Which eases the burden from the rest of the family, knowing she is sure of her faith and salvation.

I thank you for thinking of me in this troubled time. I'm sorry to say I haven't been checking email lately and just noticed the messages and card you sent. I'll try to read through them all this evening if I can.

God bless you and thank you so much for your prayers. The Lord loves you and I do too.


Denise said...

From Micheles Blog: Just a quick prayer request:

My Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia have been "acting up" for about a week. I am exhausted all he time. We will be traveling back east to be with my mother this summer. I need to get things done before we leave in 10 days. Please pray for REST... Isn't it interesting that I wrote about REST today and I need REST? God is so good, so gracious! So faithful to provide what we need. I am thanking you in advance for your prayers.

Peggy said...

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for making a way! Though it is longer than I expected, I'm almost home. I have been driving since Sunday, up early with the sun til dusk and You, O Lord have provided me strength. Though yesterday, I was over weary and very tired and my eyes show the strain, I know that it is through Your grace, mercy & prayers of my sisters here in blogland that I am one state away.
I'm in Iowa and MN is next...Thank You for the safe travels & the internet available at this rest stop for 30 minutes! You Provide wonderfully. Over 100s of emails to catch up on and many prayer requests here. I stand with my sister, Denise, who brings them faithfully here to Your Throne, I don't have time to read them all but I say AMEN...let it be so as You declare and planned. You will make a way for each need and each one. Thank You! I love You! Bless each of my friends in Jesus name!

It's Time to Pray


PRAYER for Our Nation

This was shared in an email from the Presidential Prayer Team:

Declaration of Independence Signer

Samuel Chase
George Washington (1732-1799), 1st President of the United States

"Almighty God: We make our earnest prayer that Thou wilt keep the United States in Thy Holy protection; and Thou wilt incline the hearts of the Citizens to cultivate a spirit of subordination and obedience to Government; and to entertain a brotherly affection and love for one another and for their fellow Citizens of the United States at large, and particularly for their brethren who have served in the Field. And finally that Thou wilt most graciously be pleased to dispose us all to do justice, to love mercy, and to demean ourselves with that Charity, humility, and pacific temper of mind which were the Characteristics of the Divine Author of our blessed Religion, and without a humble imitation of whose example in these things we can never hope to be a happy nation. Grant our supplication we beseech Thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen." --

This prayer of George Washington appears in St. Paul's Chapel in New York City.

To read MORE go here with Presidential Prayer Team