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Sunday, March 30, 2014


"Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. 
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken"      
Ecclesiastes 4:12  

This is meant to be an interactive blog based on comment and response system. That's where YOU come in, we need YOU to help the Lighthouse of Prayer work effectively by joining us in sharing your prayer requests or other's you encounter AND then by leaving a prayer for them, let them know that you are lifting them in prayer with us here.


This blog ONLY works if WE all JOIN together 
in prayer and sharing.

We'd love to see your Prayer requests (Petitions) in what normally would be the Comment area, where others will be supporting you through their prayers hopefully, written as a response to your petition there. We'd like this to be a community of prayer, praying for one another.

We encourage you ALL to pray whenever you read a need of someone, so please respond here with a prayer also. You need not be a team member to leave a prayer for someone or bring a prayer need here. We all can lift up a prayer for each person and encourage someone, help to carry another's burden, stand with them and bless them.

This blog post is was the
March 2014


  1. Dear Heavenly Father, My friend is losing her faith, please renew her heart. Thank You. Amen.
  2. Dear Heavenly Father, Please answer these prayer request of my friend Anne. Prayer for the family please. Nick running at Indoor Track in Nationals at NYC. He qualified for the 1000 meter individual and the distance medley with his three team mates. They are in Dayton, Ohio tonight. Resting, they are traveling by bus.

    My hubby Avery, myself and two of our other kids Jeremy and Hannah are traveling there to see him. My brother in law John bought us plane tickets. Pray for safe travels, the weather and a good trip.

    John is struggling with his leg. They said a blood clot but dumped him out of the hospital tonight. He had a double stroke last February. Living here while trying to get his health in order. Needs shoulder surgery too. They want to operate on his leg for the blood clot. Thank You. Amen
  3. Dear Heavenly Father, My sister Vicky, fell and hurt her tailbone, back, and knees. Please bring healing relief to her. Thank You. Amen

    1. Father, We place Vicky before You for complete healing, relieve her of the pain and bring healing in Jesus' Name
  4. Dear Heavenly Father, Please be with my friend Sonya's mother in-law, she has severe lung damage. The doctors say she probably has less than two years to live. Bring healing to her. Also, Sonya is having financial problems, she really needs a job. Please guide her in this search. Thank You. Amen
  5. Dear Heavenly Father, Please watch over my friend Tammi, and her children. Her son is getting ready to see a new doctor concerning some mental issues, and her daughter is having some issues at school. Also, they are trying to sell their home. Bless them Father. Thank You. Amen
  6. Dear Heavenly Father, I'm kinda still in shock and You know much better than I, all that my husband needs, but I humbly come before You and ask that You open up the floodgates of heaven over Him, so that He accept Jesus as His Lord and Savior. I received not so good news today, once again from afar, via phone that this past Mon. he was in a rollover accident and I thank You that You protected Him somewhat and he's still alive (though in a neck brace) while he heals. I ask that You bring him healing from the top of his head to his feet, decrease his pain, and take control over his kidneys (although I think I understood that may be more to do with his diabetes than the accident but the hospital kept him longer to be sure of this). Whatever, he needs I place Him in Your hands and Your divine supernatural healing power to help him do all that he is suppose to do to recover. I thank You that You saved him once again and are giving him more time here. I give You all the glory. He is Yours! I thank You for him and ask that You continue to bless him and watch over him. He did not want me to come home but even that is in Your hands. I thank You for the care he receives and that You will send him the transportation he needs, since he's now totaled another truck.

    1. Denise March 10, 2014 
      Dear heavenly Father, Please watch over Peggy's husband, take gentle care of him, let him recover quickly. Touch him from head to toe. Open his heart, and soften it toward You, bring salvation to him. Thank You. Amen

    2. Precious heavenly Father, thank you for watching over Sam during this accident and each and every day of his life here on earth...we pray that You continue to be with him and as his body heals, his mind and spirit heal as his eyes to the love and mercy You have extended so many times to the point that he can't deny that Your grace is all the sufficiency he needs and could ever want....keep Your arms around my sister Peggy, as her love and concern from afar is difficult to bear....ease her mind that You have Sam in Your hands and that nothing is allowed that You have not permitted....everything and everyone for Your glory Jesus' name, amen.
    3. My dearest Heavenly Father, Be with Sam and guide all the medical people as they do neurosurgery on his c. vertebrae this Thurs. for a disc that slipped. You are his Healer! May Your hands be the surgeon's hands and all go according to Your will and way. You know all his needs especially how He needs Jesus in His life. I ask that You continue to draw close to Him and let Him know You are giving him more time in Jesus' name. Give him good rest and care, and may we have peace of mind ... I know I can rely on You, Your plan and timing for me because I trust in You. Thank You for the many prayer requests and I stand in agreement with Your will for each one with our prayer warriors Denise, Cathy and Alice. Thank You for them and that You do hear our cries unto You for the needs written here and also for the unspoken ones in Jesus' name.  ~Peggy 
    4. Keep all who are traveling along the treacherous, icy roads safe and put guardians around all our loved ones keeping them from harm. I ask this in Jesus' precious name, knowing that His name, power and authority is above all. Your will be done. Give me peace and a sound mind (as with news like this, my heart and mind panic a bit out of my control) yet I do not have a spirit of fear, but of love and a sound mind. Thank You because nothing is too difficult for You or out of Your unfailing love to do.
  7. Dear heavenly Father, My friend Jennifer's mother in-law fell, and broke her wrist, bring total healing , Thank You. Amen
  8. Dear heavenly Father, My friend Tammi is physically, and emotionally worn out. She totally feels like giving up on life. Her family is under attack in several ways. satan is running loose in their home. Please cleanse their home from all evil, kick satan out. Bring peace, and comfort to this family. Thank You. Amen
  9. Dear heavenly Father, A young mom by the name Annie, is having severe complications from a gallbladder surgery. She also has a blood clot in her lung. Please lay hands upon her, bring healing. Thank You. Amen
  10. Dear heavenly Father, My uncle Buddy has two spots on his lungs, the doctor is running test on him. Please remove those spots, bring healing. Thank You. Amen

    1. LORD, You are Denise's Uncle Buddy's Healer! You are greater than any spots on his lungs and more powerful. In fact, You can completely remove these and bring healing as Denise prayed and so I stand together with Denise in declaring that these spots will go in Jesus' name. We thank You and give You praise! Holy is Your name and so much more powerful!
  11. Heavenly Father, We ask and place each of these prayer requests in Your loving hands. We ask that Your will be done and that You give each one the strength, wisdom, grace and healing needed. You are more than enough for every one of these: Ann and her family's needs; Uncle Buddy; Tammi and her family; Annie; Jennifer's MIL and Sonya's MIL; Denise's friend's faith; Peggy's husband; Alice and her family; Vicky, Denise's sister; Denise & Eddie; Cathy; and myself. Thank You that You hear our prayers and answer as we wait, we give You all the glory, honor and praise and all our love as we lift each one to receive a touch of Jesus! Praise You Lord for the gift of Your Holy Spirit at work in us and our loved ones ... Thank You
  12. Dear Heavenly Father, Please be with Kat, she lost her 4 month old baby to SIDS this morning, hold her close as she grieves. Thank You. Amen
  13. Dear Heavenly Father, Jennifer has to have a second cornea transplant. Please guide the surgeons hands. Thank You. Amen
  14. Dear Heavenly Father, Please be with Sam as he has surgery. Put angels all around the operating room, bring healing to him. Let him feel Your hands upon him. May he realize that You are his true physician, and healer. Let him turn his life totally over to You. Thank You. Amen
  15. Jim Neff, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer,brain cancer, lymphatic cancer, and possibly cancer of the kidney.

    He is no longer able to live alone and is being cared for by his brother and sister-in-law, Dorothy in their home.

    Please pray for a miracle for Jim, and for healing and peace for David, Dorothy,Jim's three siblings, and other loved ones during this difficult time.

    Little 2.5 year old Kai Slockers is very ill ,and has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

    He has undergone brain surgery, and his prognosis is not good.
    Last night, he had to have another emergency surgery, and his parents received more bad news today.

    Please pray for the miracle Kai needs and also for peace and healing for his dad, Shawn,

    his mother, Aki, his aunt Caroline, and all other family members who are touched by this sadness.

    If you would like to keep up with his progress, please click here to be re-directed to his CaringBridge site. Shawn and Aki post regular updates.

    Little, as yet-unborn Baby Obed Walters needs much prayer.

    I am going to copy the exact words from his dad, Travis, to explain his physical condition.

    "...the baby has what they're calling “Transposition of the Great Vessels” which simply means his Aorta and Pulmonary Artery are switched.

    Everything else looks good, measurements, etc.

    While the baby is in utero, he’s fine as he’s not breathing through his lungs and there’s a hole between the left and right ventricles that is allowing the blood to mix, thus sending oxygen to his body.

    However once he’s born, he’ll most likely have to have immediate heart surgery to survive." 
  16. Dear Heavenly Father, Please answer all of these needs. Thank You. Amen
  17. Dear Heavenly Father, My nephew Kevin has to have surgery on April 7th, Torn Labrum
    Torn Rotator Cuff
    Broke Collar Bone

    Please guide the surgeons every movement. Bring healing quickly. Thank You. Amen
  18. Dear Heavenly Father, My friend Andrea, has a nephew named Amden. He has downs syndrome, and is now suffering with seizures. Please stop the seizures. Thank You. Amen
  19. Dear Heavenly Father, Please answer these needs of my friend Anne. Rebekah, her daughter,r as she prepares for her phone interview, which could lead to a permanent position at her job.

    Pray for Nick, her son, as he prepares to return to school Sunday afternoon. Also when he returns after graduation, he will need surgery on his leg, and suffers from Osteo

    Pray fo her hubby Avery, as he prepares for dental surgery. He will be under anesthesia, and will need 4-6 days recovery time. . That is April 3. Thank You. Amen
  20. Dear Heavenly Father, Please bring healing to my friends god mother. Her name is Edie, her kidneys are failing, she is in a drug induced coma. Please be close to her, and her family. Thank You. Amen
  21. Dear Heavenly Father, My uncle James passed away from lung cancer. Please be close to his children, they just lost their mom in December. Their hearts are deeply broken, please bring peace to them. Thank You. Amen

  22. Dear Heavenly Father, My friend Julie is suffering with a bad infection in her leg, and also a bad bladder infection. Please bring her complete healing. Thank You. Amen

  23. Dear Heavenly Father, Please take tender care of my friend Leann's husband and her brother. Her husband is having pain, trying to pass a kidney stone. Her brother has been in the hospital for several days, they are trying to find out what is wrong. Bring answers, and relief from pain. Thank You. Amen
  24. Dear Heavenly Father, My friend Elizabeth, is trying to find a job. She filled out an application today, please bless her with employment. Thank You. Amen
  25. Dear Heavenly Father, I have an eye appointment today. Please be with me, and bring good news. Thank You. Amen
  26. Dear Heavenly Father, My friend Anne, and her husband have to go to court today. Please comfort them, and bring peace to them concerning this. Also, please bless their son Nick with traveling mercies. Thank You. Amen
    1. Dear Heavenly Father, My sweet sis Peggy is taking care of her husband, he had surgery. Please give her extra strength during this time. Also, her dear dog chiqitita, passed away. Please bring comfort to her grieving heart over this pet that she loved. Please take good care of her other dogs, keep them safe, and healthy while Peggy is away. Thank You. Amen

      1. Father, I agree with Denise in prayer for our dear sister, Peggy. I pray for healing and salvation for her husband, and please heal Peggy too now, as she is sick. Comfort her, Lord, as she has lost her pet she loved and keep all of her other dogs safe and well. Thank you, Lord, for taking care of us. We love you, in Jesus name, Amen. 
      2. CORRECTION to this prayer request: Praise God! Peggy's pet dog Chiquitita was alive, just MIA (hiding in the laundry room)... thanks for the prayers! It was an awful misunderstanding (even though Peggy flew back to MX for this).
    2. Dear Heavenly Father, I have a precious sis whose heart is very heavy, and is hurting deeply right now over her son. Please bring comfort to her at this time. Give sweet peace to her, whisper gently in her ear, reassuring her of Your precious love, and care for her. Carry her through this. Thank You. Amen


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Samuel Chase
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