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Saturday, October 16, 2010


"Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken"
Ecclesiastes 4:12

"For where two or three come together in my name,
there am I with them."
Matthew 18:20

This is meant to be an interactive blog based on a comment and response system

PLEASE WRITE YOUR PRAYER, PRAYER REQUEST, PRAISE, THANKS in the place that would normally read comments after the most recent post, but here it will read "PRAYERS LIFTED TO THE THRONE of GOD."

We'd love to see your Prayer requests (Petitions), or Praises to God in what normally would be the comment area, where others will be supporting you through their prayers, written as a response to your petition there. 

We are asking you all to pray whenever you read a need of someone, please respond here with a prayer. You need not be a team member to leave a prayer for someone or bring a prayer need here.  

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A new list for the week of October 17th... (I'm recording them here, in case we loose Linky again).
  1. Andrea's husband's aunt passed away on Saturday, funeral will be on Wednesday.
  2. financial provision for Pia's friend Sylvia, salvation of her dad, healing of her mom's diabetes, and restoration of Pia's marriage. 
  3. prayers for Sherry's ministry
  4. Lisa's uncle Bill passed away, funeral is today
  5. Heather Joy  and here's another post link; shrink huge uterine tumor & treatment
  6. Elaine
  7. Denise's (Shortybear) sister's husband's Uncle Gary (accident w/tractor roll over)
  8. Amy's ex husband, the father of her 3 children, passed away yesterday of a massive heart attack. He was only 35. 
  9. Kat's brother-in-law, Ken (update to above) urgent need still
  10. Whidbey's Woman's husband Ron (cat scan and results) continued recovery
  11. Zane (update:he is having third grafting surgery at noon today(Wednesday) and Courtney
  12. Susanna and her parents (Thursday, she is having her cell transplant)
  13. Friends (Nicole & Oscar) and family of Jeffrey (sudden & unexpected death)
  14. JBR (migraines and past, she's working through the healing)
  15. Stacy (praise but also asking for specific prayer  that her body would receive the Taxol without a reaction and that it would do the job intended on any lingering cancer cells)
  16. For John Dean M. who has a mass near his forhead. He is a former cancer survivor. He has lost everything once from ANNESPHAMILY 
  17. Amanda's sister Lisa's salvation. Lisa just lost a close friend to breast cancer. 
  18. MTJ (healing for his son and wife) and also his family in the loss of their aunt; safe travels and some peaceful sleep & rest for a physically exhausting week
  19. Tiffany (God's direction, guidance, wisdom in her ministry and outreach) birthday blessings, also her STS small group 

Please see our posts for PRAYERS of ADORATION/PRAISE and GIVING THANKS (Thurs.)

But nonetheless PRAY, PRAY, PRAY so many people need us to PRAY!

Many of these prayers are continual and from PRAYER REQUESTS FROM THE PREVIOUS WEEK that we had carried over to this week since we lost the LINKY last week. To READ that list, please GO HERE but the prayers are ALL here.



Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, I come to You raising my precious sister Peggy up to Your throne for healing of her eye. Lay Your healing hands upon her Father, please give her a special touch as only You can. You are her true Physician, and her miracle worker. She loves You, and believes in You, with all of her heart. Honor her faith, by healing her Father. We love You so very much. Amen

Peggy said...

Thank You Lord for Denise's prayer for me both for my lower back and my eye! I thank You for each healing that I see and those I do not see yet or understand but You do! Each one of these healings builds my faith and increases my desire to pray in faith for healing of others! You are the same, yesterday, today and forever... so just as Jesus healed when He walked this earth, I believe we have that authority in Jesus Name to bring glory to Him. It starts in little things and increases into BIG ones.

You are my Healer! You are the Great Physician that I depend on so far away from my own doctor! This always makes me so thankful for my own physician back home in MN and I ask You to bless Him each day and draw Him to You! Though I do not trust many medical personnel here in Mexico for me, I do trust You!
Thank You for hearing my prayers and Denise's that You bring healing. I praise You that my back is much better. I know You as my Healer! I give You these little growths on my eyes or wherever they pop up now and ask You to remove them or keep them from being harmful, painful or cause me
problems with vision or anything!

Thank You for all You do in Jesus Name!

So with this same faith, I stand with my sister Denise and ask for continual healing in her and her husband. You are God of miraculous healing and we praise You for each victory. We ask that You reverse the curse of any bad report and turn each one around for Your glory! You see Denise and her prayer warrior heart and prayers for many! You have seen her faithfulness and beautiful, precious attitude and words! Touch her Lord, with Your balm of Gilead & the strength to walk in the victory of Your miraculous healing!
Denise gives You glory, honor & praise in everything. Honor her faith and her prayers. Hear her every day as she turns to You! Be with Denise! Guide her with Your wisdom! Give this wisdom to all her treat her medically. Continue to do GREAT things and we will continue to give You praise through it all.
We stand together for so many in need and we love You so very much!
We give You thanks & praise!!!
Thank You!!! Thank You for each person who comes and lays their heart before You... spoken & unspoken prayers be done according to Your will... that we may know & do on earth as it is in heaven!

Peggy said...

Heavenly Father, Be with our dear sister Karen and the entire family!
Be their Comforter! Be their strength! Surround them with Your everlasting, unfailing love & strength for their grief! You know every detail and so we ask You to cover them with Your wings and lift them up during this sudden tragic loss! Help them encourage one another and remember the good! Walk through their time of mourning with them as we lift them to You! You are the resurrection and the life, and we believe that even though one may die we will join them once again and that they live eternally with You!

We send Karen & this precious family our love, our embrace of them so tenderly in their sorrow, reminding them of our hope in Christ Jesus, His grace and eternal encouragement of their hearts with His strength! Wrap Your loving arms around each one and let them know You are there and they can cast their cares on You! Thank You for our sister... pour Your love on her and this entire family in Jesus' name & love, we pray...

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, I lift Skylar up to You for healing. He is just a little boy fighting such a huge disease, cancer. Please give him a dose of extra strength to continue this battle. Be with his family as this is hurting them all so very much. I ask for miracles for this precious family Father. Thank You. Amen.

Denise said...

Father, thank You so very, very much for allowing the trapped miners to be rescued. May Your glory continue to shine upon them, and their families as they adjust to their freedom. We are so thankful to You, we love You Father. Amen

Denise said...

Father, please be with those in the path of hurricane Paula. I pray for their safety, and well-being. I pray that You will turn the hurricane away, make it into nothing but a gentle rain. I love You Father. Amen

Peggy said...

Praising You Lord as I watch each of the miners come to the surface! This is indeed a wonderful MIRACLE to see!

I exalt You O Lord! How marvelous is Your Grace! This is glorious to watch the JOY and LOVE of their families rejoicing in seeing them alive once again!

One miner even fell to his knees the moment he came out! We give You all the glory, honor and praise so far for 22 out of the 33! We expect that You are completing a great work here! Be with each one as they recover from this! Draw them closer to You! May they know that You are their Deliverer, their Rescuer and
the One to whom they must thank for this marvelous blessing. You are the Power and You are their Restorer! Thank You so much!

With all the bad news Lord, this was so great to witness! I had tears of JOY and I was not even there or knew them. Yet You know each one. May they bow to You as King of kings & give You all their thanks and praise for sustaining their lives and their survival from the darkness of the mine to the Light of Your Son. May they each come to know You through this as their personal Savior and Lord. Each one (33) one for every year of Jesus' life... be blessed in Jesus Name...

Thank You, thank You, thank You
forever and ever.

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, please be close to Sandy, and the entire family as they deal with losing their loved one. Pull them into Your lap, and love on them extra sweetly during this time of grief. Thank You Father. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, please be with Charlotte, and her precious husband Michael, as they continue on their journey to his recovery. Please heal Michael's brain injury, return him to normal. Let their love be a healing balm to each other. Thank You Father. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, please be close to Christina as she is in deep grief over losing her brother, and aunt both in such a short period of time.Help her through this valley, love her as only You can. Thank You. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, please be with the surgeons tomorrow as they do surgery to repair sister Loren's shoulder. Help keep Loren calm, and heal her quickly Father. Thank You. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, I come to You on behalf of Anne's son Nick. He is really not feeling well Father, he has streap throat, and he is running a high fever. The doctor said he also needs his tonsils taken out. Please lay healing hands upon him, reduce his fever, and all pain. Thank You Father. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, I come to You lifting up precious Billy. Let him enjoy his birthday today with those who love him surrounding him. Help him have a happy birthday, pain free. Let him not think about the cancer. Thank You Father. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, I am lifting sister Alleluiabell up to You. She is feeling so overwhelmed with her life right now. She has been dealing with so much for so long, please ease her load, let others come along beside her and help her to carry this heavy load that has been placed upon her shoulders. Comfort her Father, we give You thanks. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, I lift sister Kat's brother in-law up to You. He is in the hospital, and is not doing very well. But, we know You can heal him Father. Please have Your way, and will. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, sister Jill has asked prayer for her father in-law, and several others. You know their needs, and how to help them. We ask that You perform miracles, and much healing Father. We love You so much. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, we praise You for the amazing things You have already done in the live of Sandy's nephew Isaiah, and we ask that You now heal him of the trach infection. We love You Father. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, I lift Courtney's husband Zane up before You. This is a young married couple facing a mighty battle. Zane was electrocuted a few days ago, please give him strength to face this serious medical ordeal. Give his wife comfort, ease her fears Father. We love You. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, prayers continue for dear Ken, he seems to be getting worse. But, we know, what You can do Father, we believe in Your healing powers. Please be with the family, touch their hurting hearts at this time. I pray that Steve and his brother Ken can make peace with one another through this, have Your way, and will Father. I love You. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, I come here lifting Andrea's family up to You. They are griefing over the loss of their dear Aunt. Please be close to them, and comfort them through this time. Thank You Father. Amen

Cathy said...

Father God, I agree in prayer with Denise and Peggy for all of these needs. I pray for those growths on Peggy's eyes to go, in the name of Jesus and for healing of her back. Lord, touch Denise's eyes, take away the pain and make them whole. Touch Eddie with your healing hand and provide for all their needs. We love you and give you all the praise and glory. In Jesus name, Amen

Peggy said...

Heavenly Father,

Thank You so much for our dear sister Cathy coming to pray with us and stand with us and for us in Jesus name. Bless her for sharing in prayer

I come to You also to lift up Andrea, her family and as she asked the pastor son of their dear aunt, who will be performing her service this Weds. Not only that You would pour out grace and strength for each person but an extra portion for him! Send Your Comforter and be with each one as they celebrate her life and her homecoming but also mourn their loss! Encourage them to press on in their own race as Andrea's husband's aunt has done.
We rejoice with them and grieve also with them. Give them a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness, a crown of beauty for ashes and an oil of gladness! What a special blessing she must have been to have twins and pursued a good run of nearly 89 yrs. Praise God! Continue to sustain Andrea in her own "race" and ease her pain as she perseveres. Bring healing as she does... each step, each day in Jesus Name...

Thank You Most precious Lord!

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, I come here this morning on behalf of my sweet sis Pia. Please pour out financial blessings upon her friend Sylvia, help her needs to all be met.I also pray for the softening of her dad's heart toward You, may he seek You with all of his heart, and be saved. I ask for healing of her mom's diabetes, and no further complications caused from this disease. I pray for the restoration of Pia's marriage, may her husband Jeric seek a gentle touch from You. May he seek to be a Godly man, and husband. Thank You Father. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, I ask that You please watch over Sherry, and her husband's ministry. That both love You so very much, and are very faithful to You. I pray that their ministry to young teenagers would be very blessed in everyway. Help them to grow, and to continue to plant seeds. Thank You Father. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, please be with sister Lisa and her family as they prepare to attend the funeral of her uncle Bill today. Comfort their griefing hearts. Thank You Father. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, I lift up sister Elaine to You. She is such a brave warrior battling breast cancer. She is so faithful, and loves You beyond words. She is a true inspiration to me, and so many others. Bless her Father, and lead her through this season of her life. Please help her as she goes through her chemo treatments. Love on her, as only You can. Thank You Father. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, I lift my brother in-law's uncle up before You. His name is Gary Adkins, he was involved in a terrible accident today. A tractor rolled over on him, he suffered severe injuries. Please lay healing hands upon him, take his pain away Father. Thank You Father. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, I come here to lift up Amy, and her three precious son's to You. The father, Amy's ex husband, passed away yesterday from a massive heart attack. He was only 35 years old Father, still so young. My heart aches for his children, and other family members. Please help them all during this sad time of grief. Thank You Father. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, Kat's brother in-law Ken is really fighting for his health right now. He has pneumonia in his left lung, and the infection mersa in his right lung. They are treating him with very strong antibiotics, the next 2-3 days are very critical.Please lay healing hands upon him, and watch over his wife Tina. She is so drained emotionally, please calm her, and give her extra strength during this time.Also, be with Kat, she has an abscess on her toothe, and once it heals, she will be going to the dentist for a root canal. Thank You Father. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, I come to lift up Ron today. Please let him continue to be in remission from his cancer.I pray that they receive a good report from the cancer doctor today. You are his true doctor, have Your way, and will. Thank You Father. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, I come lifting precious Heather up before You. She loves You, and is very faithful. She has two very large tumors growing inside her uterus, they make her look pregnant. Right now, they are benign, please keep them that way Father. I ask You to please shrink them, and totally remove them before her scheduled surgery, which is scheduled for the spring of 2011. Watch over her, and help her remain calm, and faithful. Thank You Father. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, please be with Zane today as he has his third grafting surgery. He also has a low grade fever, please bring his fever down, and lay healing hands upon his weary body. Be with his wife Courtney, keep her calm, love on her extra sweetly. Thank You Father. Amen

Amanda said...

Dear Lord, heal Your people, according to Your word Lord, for their sake and for the sake of the Kingdom. Let Your glory be manifest in their sick bodies, cause life and life abundant to flow through their veins Lord, for You, God, are our Healer and merciful Father... I love you Lord, Amen...

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, I pray for Susanna, and her precious family. I am hoping that all went well with the most recent stem cell procedure. Thank You Father. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, I lift up the family and friends of Jeffery to You. Only You know the true facts of his untimely, and tragic death. Please bring love and much comfort to all of those griefing over this loss. Thank You Father. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, please help dear JBR to deal with the pain of migrains. I pray that they will go away, and she will experience no more pain. Thank You Father. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, please touch John's body, heal him from cancer. He has been through so very much already, please give him total healing. Thanking You ahead of time Father. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, I am lifting Amanda's sister Lisa up to Your throne. Please lead her to fall upon her knees, and call out to You for salvation. Let her realize how very much she needs You Father. Amen

Nic said...

I love you dear sister. I hope this finds God blessing you mightily today. XOXO

Peggy said...

Father God, You know how I struggle with my emotions so many emotions that flood my soul as I read and pray over each prayer petition or visit the blogs, ohhh how my heart aches and I so easily get overwhelmed. Let me not loose focus as I come before You and channel these emotions of compassion to pray effectively. I hardly know where to begin! But You, Almighty One, certainly know and far beyond what my heart sees or knows, You hold all the answers and all things work together according to Your purpose and Your will. So as I go through these needs and pray, come Holy Spirit, through Your Power and
Might move & touch each one and their loved ones.

Lord Jesus, You identify with our sorrows and loss and need for Your healing touch! Move miraculously over each spoken and unspoken need here at The Lighthouse. Shine forth with Your everlasting, unfailing love.

I start by lifting up my dear sister Denise, friend and devoted follower and prayer warrior; faithful and dedicated to pray for each one of these as she herself needs pray! Touch her in Jesus' name! Heal Denise from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet, flow with Your aMazing Grace and minister to her heart, bless her immensely Lord.

[I know that this is already going to say too large... so I will continue for all the others with the same diligence]

Peggy said...

Lord, You are Our HEALER, Our Great Physician, the Anointed One, who has healing in Your hands and so do we, in the authority of Jesus as we ask in His Name and in His Power, yet we must believe and live righteously before You. We give You all the honor, glory and praise as You move through each person, who needs Your healing touch as we lay our hands, we release our FAITH, for the filling of STRENGTH, WHOLENESS in YOU, HOPE, PROVISION, PROTECTION, WELLNESS, PEACE, COMFORT, FAVOR, RESTORATION, SOOTHING of PAIN and MIRACLES over:

Andrea and her husband and family;
Lisa and family; Nic, Oscar,friends and family of Jeffrey; Amanda's sister and family, & friends of Jackie; Denise's sister & her husband's family; Denise; Sherry; Amanda; Nicole; Amy & her son's; Tiffany; Stacy; Elaine; Heather Joy; Ron and Whidbey Woman;
Zane & Charlotte too and family; Kat, Steve and Ken and family; MTJ and family; Susanna and family; JBR; John Dean and Annesphamily; Pia and her friend Sylvia; and the many not spoken or listed here...

We pray for salvation, that all would be drawn to know You and realize their need to come to You, to seek You, Your will, Your heart,
draw closer to each one and let them sense the awesome glory of being blessed by You. We ask for Your glory to shine on them so that they know that they have been lifted to Your Throne! We give You thanks for already ministering! We praise You and love You! You are Holy, Mighty and Great! So worthy to be exalted! Praise You!!! I adore You!

I ask all these outpourings in the precious and beloved Name of Jesus!

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father,please be with Stacy as she goes through chemo treatments. I ask that You give her much strength to endure them, and to adjust to the new medicines. If it be Your will help her hair to grow back quickly. Thank You Father. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, please be with the people of Haiti, keep them safe from the cholera outbreak. Be with the missionaries that are there working on Your behalf, surround them with love and protection. Thank You Father. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, please help Kat's brother in-law to gain strength, and to get well. Remain close to his family, and give comfort to them. Thank You for all You have already done, and will continue to do. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, please come along beside sister Alleluiabelle and lift her spirits. She is so discouraged right now. Life has brought her down to a very, very low point. Health problems, both her own, and her precious husband's, and financial burdens, are taking a heavy toll upon her. Please love on her, and encourage her. Wrap her in Your arms, and give her sweet rest, and restoration. Thank You Father. Amen

Denise said...

Dear heavenly Father, I come lifting up my sister Vickie to Your throne. Please touch her heart, and heal whatever is causing her hurt and anger.I love her so very much, please get satan off of her back. Thank You Father. Amen

It's Time to Pray


PRAYER for Our Nation

This was shared in an email from the Presidential Prayer Team:

Declaration of Independence Signer

Samuel Chase
George Washington (1732-1799), 1st President of the United States

"Almighty God: We make our earnest prayer that Thou wilt keep the United States in Thy Holy protection; and Thou wilt incline the hearts of the Citizens to cultivate a spirit of subordination and obedience to Government; and to entertain a brotherly affection and love for one another and for their fellow Citizens of the United States at large, and particularly for their brethren who have served in the Field. And finally that Thou wilt most graciously be pleased to dispose us all to do justice, to love mercy, and to demean ourselves with that Charity, humility, and pacific temper of mind which were the Characteristics of the Divine Author of our blessed Religion, and without a humble imitation of whose example in these things we can never hope to be a happy nation. Grant our supplication we beseech Thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen." --

This prayer of George Washington appears in St. Paul's Chapel in New York City.

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