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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


CHALLENGE TAKEN from the pdf mentioned back here
Day 2:  Pray that your heart will be softened and your eyes opened to see a brother or sister in Christ who is in need physically, emotionally, financially.  That you will have strength to take the first step and show compassion to that person who needs help.  God grant you the resources needed to help that person.  
 Prayers That Avail Much: 25th Anniversary Commemorative Gift Edition (Prayers That Avail Much) (Prayers That Avail Much)
DAILY PRAYER is  from Germaine Copeland, author of "Prayers that Avail Much". This is shared to help you focus and as an example of how to pray God's Word.
God is our heavenly Father Who wants to keep us safe from injury, harm, and destruction. He wants us to dwell in the Secret Place of the Most High, and He delivers us from all our destructions. He is our Protector. Our Father established boundaries to keep us in His care, and Jesus gave us a new commandment. We are to walk in unity and harmony, loving one another. God wants us to be fully alive, intact, or free from the decay of unforgiveness, bitterness and grief. Jesus is our example, our pattern for living. When we love God with our entire being and walk in love with our fellowman, the evil one cannot touch us. 
To You, O Lord, I pray. My enemies will not triumph over me, and I will never be disgraced for trusting You. Show me the path where I should go, point out the right road for me to walk. Lead and teach me for You are the God who gives me salvation. Thank You for seeing me through eyes of everlasting love and kindness. Let integrity and uprightness preserve me, in the name of Jesus. Amen. 
Scripture Reading: Psalm 25 The daily prayer is written by Germaine Copeland, author of the Prayers That Avail Much family book series.©2011 Word Ministries, Inc.
With today's challenge, perhaps you could take a little extra time to read the PETITIONS here for the month of March or previous ones, select one and leave a prayer and/or visit their blog. Perhaps you know someone that you should add to that list, please DO then PRAY. Thanks!

And remember FEARLESS FRIDAY and SWEET P's tomorrow that you can further your prayers on FRI. but today is THANKFUL THURSDAY so let's be sure to THANK GOD and maybe you'd like to join them.

Thankful Thursday is at Grace Alone with Iris in March, with Lynn at Spiritually Unequal Marriage in April and at Women Taking a Stand in May with Laurie.

*To find out more about this PRAYER CHALLENGE and/or  LINK UP please click here and read.


Anonymous said...

Thank You Lord that You are here 24/7 and all I have to do is remember to come here first as I continue in this Prayer Challenge. The challenge for me is not the praying but coming to You first before emails, blogs, etc.
You and I spend a time together before but I want to make it a habit to come here even before I sign in anywhere.

Soften my heart and my eyes Lord for when I see a brother or sister in Christ in need.

Thank You Jesus for the sweet little Mexican grandma that came finally this morning for the cans I save just for her! It is such a delight to see her. And her gratitude for these cans overwhelms me! But I will continue to save them for her because it blesses me so much to know that she will receive a little extra money to help her live. Provide for her in as many ways as You can for she is grateful to You and humble. I love the Mexican women for this reason: their beautiful humility and thankfulness!

Thank You Lord for Your strength this day! Thank You for the opportunity to bless someone in a simple way. Thank You for the heart of compassion that You have placed in me. Guard me from being taken advantage. It won't be the first time but I prayed that it would not happen again for often I give of my heart to find out it was not what I should have done.

Thank You once again for the resources that You provide for me.
I'm so grateful that You have taken care of me even when I find myself counting pesos to make my money last until my next month's deposit.
You are my Provider! You always make a way. Help me to give as You have given to me. Bless the many that pass by today scrounging through the garbage before it is collected. Give them treasures Lord that they can use and provide for them physically, emotionally, financially but than spiritually. Touch their spirit with a love from You! May my words early this morning to this dear woman encourage and bless her. Keep her safe and give her long life to know You better and touch others with her kindness. Thank You Father for
bringing her this morning to remind me of Your faithfulness. I was just thinking of her the other day and wondering how long it has been since I had seen her... 1,2, 3 months. Was she alright? and then You answer and You bring her today.
Thank You! I'm so glad I waited and did not give away "her cans" to another in need. There are so many in need here. Often I weep Lord and give what I can... than I find myself short but You take care of me. I love You Lord! I love these people. Open their eyes to accept You as Lord and Savior. They know You Lord but may they focus on their relationship with You and let all other "idols" fall. Protect them from evil.

LOVE...from one of Your daughters,
(remember I'm not signed in...many of the "anonymous" here are me)

Anonymous said...

cont. from above..exceeded the limit

Thank You my Father...

Thank You for keeping me from harm's way. Thank You that the gunshots at 5:30 am the other day were further than I thought but in the stillness I prayed for those caught in this fire. Cover the families of these 6 young people who were killed and the 21 injured.
Stop the corruption and the drug wars here, Lord in Your power and might. Too many innocent loose their lives and what is worse is they may not even have known You.
Comfort all the families involved with the loss of their young one.
May You guard the innocent. May You disarm the corrupt on both sides.
Put a hedge of protection around us. Preserve the lives so that they will not perish eternally. Bring salvation to the many here that have not yet accepted You.

Further the works of JUCUM and other evangelistic outreaches. Stop the infiltration of the door to door false religions that are claiming You children. Replace the lies with Your truth. Open their eyes also to Your Truth!

Thank You for the souls won during Carnaval. Take the seeds that were planted, water them and plant them in a good church that will nourish their growth. Thank You for the ones who came to reach others for bring Your Light into the darkness.

Thank You for always keeping me from harm, injury and destruction.
Thank You that I dwell in the secret place of the Most High. No longer can the enemy triumph over me or Your work through me. Lead me and continue to show me as You teach me how to lead others to the God of our salvation. Thank You that I have salvation in You! I cry out for the many that need You and I ask in particular for S, V and T, also C and D, if they do not yet know You as Lord and Savior.

Thank You that You do preserve me! let integrity and uprightness preserve me and I ask this all in Jesus precious and beloved name.

Thank You Father for this new day!
I await all that You will do...

LOVE...from one the same daughter of Yours above,

Peggy (mazmagi) said...


Today I read from my Online Retreat and read at Bible Gateway

Psalm 1:1-2, 3, 4, 6
Luke 9:22-25
Deuteronomy 30:15-20

But Psalms are always the easiest to pray.

Bless me O LORD that I may not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers. My delight is in the law of You, O Lord and I want to meditate on You day and night. Help me to obey Your Way!(v. 1-2)

Plant me like a tree by streams of Your Living Water that I may yield fruit in season and not wither any of my "leaves"... so that I may prosper and my fruit as well.(v.3)

Keep me away from the wicked, who are like chaff to me. May Your Holy wind blow the wicked away from me and keep me safe in You!(v.4)

Thank You Lord that Psalm 1 assures me that You watch over the way of the righteous. Keep me in the way of the righteous, not mine but that which I have through Jesus Christ.
Thank You that You keep me away and protected from the way of the wicked that leads to destruction.
May the wicked and evil around me stay far away from harming me and may I rest in Your Protection!

Lord Jesus, Thank You that as the Son of Man You suffered many things
including rejection. I praise You and thank You for the power of the tomb and Your Resurrection from the grave. Keep me mindful of the hope in Your Victory over sin and death.

Your Word in Luke reminds me what is required of me as a disciple.
Help me to deny myself and take up my cross daily and follow You! I desire that I loose my life for You alone because I trust that You will save it. Help me to keep my eyes from the misguided gains and comforts of this world and focus on You and eternity. (Luke 9)

Thank You that You have set before me today life and prosperity rather than death and destruction.

Help me to obey You this day because I love You LORD, You are my God and I desire to show You through my obedience. May I walk in obedience to You in the easy and the not so easy things of life. In all ways may I keep Your commands, decrees and law, so that I will live and increase. Thank You Lord that You bless me in the land and all that I possess in Your name may it be done according to Your Word.

I will not allow my heart to turn away and try each day to remain steadfast in my obedience. I will not bow down to other gods or idols
or allow them to hinder me from You and our walk. Keep me from all destructive ways.

Thank You for setting life and death, blessings and curses before me so that I will call the heavens and the earth as a witness to You and the blessings that You bring!
I choose life! May my children live and love the Lord, our God and choose life and live for Him.

For You, O Lord, are my life. Praise You for giving me many years in the land and many promises to cling to in Your Word!

I give to You this day as You give to me! May everything I do begin with Your inspiration and continue with Your help. Thank You for Your guidance Holy Spirit... breathe on me and reign in every part of me and my day. I long to be closer to You! Help me remember that nothing is important in my life unless it glorifies You in some way.

"My "perfection" might be holding my many flaws in my open hands, asking You to help me accept them.
Heal me, Lord and help me to find You in the darkness of my life. Let me reach out in this darkness and feel Your hand and love there to guide me." Jesus' Name I pray...

It's Time to Pray


PRAYER for Our Nation

This was shared in an email from the Presidential Prayer Team:

Declaration of Independence Signer

Samuel Chase
George Washington (1732-1799), 1st President of the United States

"Almighty God: We make our earnest prayer that Thou wilt keep the United States in Thy Holy protection; and Thou wilt incline the hearts of the Citizens to cultivate a spirit of subordination and obedience to Government; and to entertain a brotherly affection and love for one another and for their fellow Citizens of the United States at large, and particularly for their brethren who have served in the Field. And finally that Thou wilt most graciously be pleased to dispose us all to do justice, to love mercy, and to demean ourselves with that Charity, humility, and pacific temper of mind which were the Characteristics of the Divine Author of our blessed Religion, and without a humble imitation of whose example in these things we can never hope to be a happy nation. Grant our supplication we beseech Thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen." --

This prayer of George Washington appears in St. Paul's Chapel in New York City.

To read MORE go here with Presidential Prayer Team